Crossfit for Weight Loss

Can CrossFit workouts help me lose weight?

Weightloss Huntington Beach

Weightloss is a given when you join Crossfit Surf City

Simply put, yes. Diet and exercise have always been a necessary combination to take weight off and keep it off. Crossfit helps you keep your heart rate up and burning calories during and after the workout. It also helps you increase and maintain lean muscle mass which also burn calories for greater weight loss.

What factors beyond CrossFit can contribute to my weight loss?
From a purely mathematical outlook, you will only lose weight when you burn more calories than you ingest over an extended period of time. Even after you complete your crossfit routine, your resting metabolism will remain high because your body is responding to the demands you placed on it during your workout. Aerobic activities are those that keep your heart rate elevated making a crossfit program very effective for dropping the pounds.

How does the weight loss occur when I do crossfit exercises?

Weightloss Huntington Beach

Lose weight? Check! Feel better? Check! More energy? Check!

CrossFitness was designed to incorporate many physical disciplines with an emphasis on short but intense cardiovascular bursts, such as running a quarter-mile, followed by several strength training exercises such as squats, push-ups or dead-lifting weights. When these activities are completed in sequence they exert the large muscles groups in your body. Crossfit workouts put demands on those large muscles which results in an elevated heart rate  throughout the workout, lasting usually 20 to 30 minutes.

Could crossfit cause me to gain weight?
Unless you’re underweight or malnourished, the answer is likely “no”. Crossfit will reduce your body fat ratio and add to your overall muscle mass creating a better balance of fat to muscle. When you do CrossFit regularly, you WILL burn a significant number of calories during every session. Over time, Crossfit athletes build their lean muscle mass which also increases their resting metabolic rate. Because muscle tissue requires calories to maintain both function and structure, you’ll continue burning more calories throughout the day, even while you sleep.

Can I fit both alcohol and crossfitness in to my life?
Successfully weight loss (and maintaining that loss) requires that you limit your caloric intake, not just doing calorie-burning workouts alone. Alcoholic drinks are effectively empty calories and serve to raise insulin levels in the body which treats them like refined sugar. The number of calories you burn during your CrossFit workouts are effectively reversed if you turn around an eat or drink what you shouldn’t. We suggest a nutrient-rich, low-calorie diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Water is the drink of choice for many reasons including the way in which is helps rid your body of fats and toxins.

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