Through The Coach's Lens: Eps #8 – Snatch's Forward Jump Cause & Fixes

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The WOD today is 1 RM snatch…I highly anticipate a drop in attendance today evening classes. Haha ;).

One of the most common outcomes that I noticed when someone perform a snatch is the lifter receives the bar forward from where they started. This jumping forward will usually cause you to miss the lift that you should make. Furthermore, injuries are more likely to happen when you jump forward because it shows that you don’t really have full control of that bar.

The reason why I don’t label this act of jumping forward as a mistake is because it’s your body natural reaction to how you lift that bar. Simply telling yourself “don’t jump forward” usually doesn’t work. To help you fix the root of the problem, I’m going to use Anthony’s lift as an example. Pay close attention to how the bar travels and you’ll under stand how the “jumping forward” occur and how to prevent it from happening again.


Hoping to see some PR’s from you guys today!

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