Rebecca Cook…Exposed

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It all stared last November. I needed knee surgery after tearing my meniscus snowboarding in March. I tried everything…. stretched, PT, yoga, and after 9 months, my knee was KILLING me. I am a nurse, on my feet all day, 12 hr shifts and in the ICU, mostly running all of them. So, I had to have surgery. That is when I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was always sick and always tired. I smoked and never worked out. Step one, quit smoking, step 2 surgery, step 3 . . . LIVE! So, here I am. I got a free 24 hr membership for 3 months. I started slow walking, cardio, then a few body pump classes …before you know it I was hooked … 4 to 5 days a week. Here’s the thing, I have never really been into the gym setting. I surf, I snowboard, I skate, I was a cheerleader, debate team, ASB, little softball, super active, yet never a super gym rat. After 3 months I hit a plateau. I was bored. Suddenly I was at the gym longer and seeing no results, then I met Mark. New friend who said I should try CrossFit. He said ”you would be good at it” and then he said “all you do is show up and don’t quit” . So, after bit of self reflection, I googled CF in HB and found 3 boxes. To be honest, I chose CrossFit Surf City cuz everyone seemed real and that they really enjoy what they do. I am not sure if I will ever compete, not sure if will ever breath fire, or even be close to the elite athletes but, for the first time in my life having an “athletic” body is hot and cool. I’ve realized my “form” really does matter, and men are not checking out my rack, but really my muscles and form and how much weight I can actually rack . . . .wow! I am hooked and am really grateful. I seem to really be good at it and I really enjoy it. All I can say it that I was 180 lbs in November. I am now 140. I was a size 12 and am now a size 6. I had lost weight when I joined CFSC, but am now leaner, stronger, faster, and healthier then ever. I have added 25 lbs to my Dead lift, added 20 lbs to my OH squat, can do 4 kipping pullups after 3 months and have cut about 2 minutes off of my mile run . PR challenge winner or not . . I feel good. .CF high or addiction, not sure …but, I know I am sold.

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