Traits of a Great White


Traits of a Great White

By Rebecca Cook

Thus far acquired traits of a Great White . . .1) Courage, 2) Passion, 3) Drive, and 4) Humility.

Humility to me it means humbleness, modesty, and sometimes being subservient. Saturday was my second NLI competition and I have officially been humbled. Not the first, or the last time in my life I’m sure, but it was definitely an awakening that leads to a bit of deep down soul searching. Kant once said that we should “have the courage to use your own understanding” . . . so I thought I’d share some of it with my friends.
After almost one year of CrossFit I decided to compete in the NLI. I signed up for the NLI series. I figured I’m not quite a beginner, far from Elite . . .so I picked the Female Intermediate, Division II. I began the day feeling like a star, stoked and honored to be there amongst some fantastic athletes. I finished my first WOD first thing in the am, my second later that morning, and the third in the afternoon. During the day I made great improvements. I PR’d on my Clean & Jerk by 15#! My rank throughout the day was teetering between 6th and 10th places. I was enthralled. I felt like I was really in BEAST MODE!! I had been working hard, one on one’s with Coach Anthony, racking Coach Melissa’s brain on my form and weaknesses and ways to improve, taking tips from Coach Nick and Coach Vu, and consistently trying to keep up with Coach Tim. An amazing day . . .until I got home . . . final results Rebecca Cook DEAD LAST.
What can I say? I wanted to cry. I really didn’t like that last bit at all. I thought that I was a bit more bad ass than last place and it has been a bit hard to swallow. Admitting to myself, my diet hasn’t been all it should be. I took on too many classes this semester and have been working myself to the bone, and trying to have a social life on top of all that has really cut into my training and sleep schedule. I’ll admit, I’ve been slacking. I was going to sulk in my misery, but Anthony, Melisa, Nick, Kevin, Lisa and my Bestie Leah all had other plans. We went out for dinner and dancing!!

I learned something about myself this weekend, no matter how good I get . . .there will always be somebody better, someone else’s time will always be faster, and there will always be a WOD that kicks my ass. I have made amazing strides since coming to CrossFit. I have a sense of determination and drive that I can admire. On my personal self-journey (and isn’t that what CrossFit is all about) I am constantly improving and looking to improve, continue to ask questions and work on my form, keep and open mind about all types of training . . .and most importantly, GET OVER A BAD DAY OR SCORE.
I usually sit myself down every 6 months and write a list of Short Term Goals for myself in fitness, work, money, and life. Here is what the fitness goals were in September 2011:
1) Compete in a CrossFit Event.
2) Finish a CrossFit Competition.
3) Have fun.
Guess what? I achieved all of my goals. I took a step back and realized that at the Team WOD Gear Competition I was so scared I don’t really remember anything. In my first NLI, I got a DNF on a WOD. And here I am now . . . I competed, I finished all 3 WOD’s, one even with a PR, above it all though, I had FUN. It is a very good feeling to accomplish personal goals . . .
As I continue to work on my Great White status I realize . . .You know something, life happens, it is a fine line in balancing all that I have on my plate and I tend to forget how far I’ve come and concentrate on how far I want to be. My ultimate goal is to compete next to Coach Melissa at Regionals one day. Realizing that looking up is good, but looking ahead I can achieve so much more . . .CrossFit has a saying “Check your ego at the door” and that is exactly what Saturday reminded me, to be humble, and all right I’m working on it . . .
Sometimes when you lose . . .you really win.



  • Suzie Vagelatos says:

    Love, love , love you!! Congrats for all that you have done, and so excited to watch what your going to accomplish! The best part of Crossfit is getting faster and stronger, a perk is to be able to do wods with you and Melissa! You girls are amazing! Thanks for kicking my butt everyday!

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