You Are Your Word


“You are your word, and your word is everything.”

We have all heard this saying before. It’s about integrity – meaning what you say, and then backing it up with your actions. It’s about being honest.IntegrityTattoo

Integrity matters in all of life’s arenas – at work with your boss, at home with your family, and in the gym with your friends and coaches. At CrossFit Surf City, integrity is crucial to our mission of making people better. And our athletes are key in upholding the integrity of our mission.

When we talk about integrity in the gym, we aren’t just talking about honesty at the whiteboard. Fudging times, scores, reps, and weights is just one way that deceit can manifest in the gym. And to be honest, this kind of deception only scratches the surface of why integrity is so critical to our mission, and yours.

Consider how each and every movement within a workout can be performed with integrity, or not.

How much pride do you put into executing each movement with proper form? Ask yourself the same question when you’re gassed out and only halfway through the WOD.

How often do you conveniently decide against no-repping yourself when your chin doesn’t quite make it over that pull up bar, or when you don’t fully extended before dumping the load after a jerk?

Throwing proper mechanics out the window and racking up your ‘almost-reps’ is only doing one thing: training your bad habits.

If practice makes perfect, why perfect your crappy form and successful no-reps?

Not to mention, those goals you have of getting stronger, losing weight, competing at regionals, fill-in-the-blank… each shoddy lift and incomplete rep isn’t doing you any favors in getting there. Why cheat yourself out of the very results that motivate you to workout in the first place?

Let’s expand our perspective to consider how being less than honest in the gym impacts not just ourselves, but everyone around us as well.

CrossFit Surf City is without exception a community operation in making people better. Our members are key in this mission because the best motivation on Earth is the person working out right next to you.

But what happens when that person training next to you earns a spot on the leaderboard without demonstrating the qualities of leadership? If the numbers on the board mean nothing, that insatiable hunger to keep up, catch up, and win – the very reason that the CrossFit methodology is so dang effective – is dead.

If you want to train in a motivating and inspiring gym environment, then be motivating and inspiring.

Help us, help yourselves, and help each other by upholding this responsibility with integrity.

Ultimately though, the whiteboard is not where the magic happens.  It is not where the PRs are earned, where the sense of pride is felt, or where the lives are changed.  All of those things – the things that truly matter – happen on the mats and in the hearts and minds of each athlete.


The whiteboard is nothing more than the record of all that you have invested in yourself. The whiteboard is your word and your word is only good as your actions.


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